Have you ever worried if your friends got home ok after a night out or an online date? We have, too many times, so we built Cape!

Cape shows that your friends are either out or in one of their places without revealing exactly where they are.

No need to text your friends once you get home, the app will automatically update all your friends when you’re in. This means no more worrying about friends when they forget to let you know they got home ok, whoop whoop!

You just need to add your friends and your places (e.g. home, your best friend’s flat, office, etc) and you’re ready to go!


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Cape checks your location from time to time, but don’t worry about your battery, it doesn’t use much and you can switch location off when you’re not planning to go out.

Keep up with your friends with our messenger full of fun stickers, check out the dating ones, #hottie!

Cape also shows you when your friend’s battery hits 20%, so you have time to check in on them if needed.

Now make sure all of your friends get Cape so you can look out for each other!